Wattys 2019 Winner in Poetry

American Catseye

Seven cats live in Feline Society #337, along with Hooman #1 and Hooman #A. Together, they plan to save Earth from the lizardmen sent by the Babylonian Brotherhood of Proxima Centauri B...but they encounter failure, every time. Read American Catseye, or watch a clip of Worlds They Dream, the video game sequel:

Epic Cat Poem

Ongoing story about the lizardmen of the Babylonian Brotherhood and the cats of Feline Society #337.

Conspiracy Theory Humor

What if propoganda originates from the Illuminati? What if Orange Man serves the New Order?

Free to Read

Free to read, and easy to navigate in the Wattpad app, with option to support author on Patreon.

Once American Catseye is complete, limited-edition handmade copies will be available.