crafting with lights,
glitter, & resin

It's winter 2019-20, and we're proud to sneak preview some hand-poured resin-based swag we plan to sell on Etsy, includding our fairy-lit potions. First merch will be available in February 2020.

fairy-lit potions

Glass bottles cut in half, then set in resin with a fairy-lit stopper. Fairy-lit stoppers are solar or battery-powered.

seashell cases

Limited-edition physical copies of games will be released in colorful seashells. Our shells make good jewelry boxes, too.

soap dishes

One-of-a-kind resin dishes include a bar of handmade soap. Smell, see, and feel extra.

dice egg

The fate of the world rests in this glittery resin egg...or does it contain the secret to how chaos is law?

"You should treat a muse like a fairy."

Paulo Coelho